Spring Lawn Care - Yarrow


YarrowGenus: Achillea
Species: millefolium
Family: Asteraceae
Lifecycle: Perennial
Flowering period: June - October
General: Yarrow also known as Milfoil is very common on dry, infertile soils The fern like leaves are lanceolate and divided into narrow, feathery segments. When crushed the leaves give off a strong fragrant smell. The white flowers are bourn in clusters on long stems which are only seen on neglected sites, as mowing prevents seedhead formation.

Yarrow spreads via rhizomes (underground runners) and has a dense fibrous root system. It prefers nutrient deficient, sandy soils that are free draining. It is able to tolerate drought conditions and close mown lawns.

Yarrow is a very difficult weed to control effectively. Hand weed if only a few weeds are present, taking care to remove the whole plant. Keeping the nutrient levels at an acceptable level will help prevent Yarrow from encroaching. Yarrow is resistant to many chemicals, therefore chemical treatment of this weed may be met with limited success.