Spring Lawn Care - Spring lawn care program

Spring Lawn Care

Spring lawn careGive your lawn a head start in the spring time

It is during the spring time that many keen gardeners and lawn care enthusiasts finally start to think about preparing their lawn for the forthcoming season. Spring time is regarded as one of the most important periods during the lawn care calendar as many lawns can look a little ragged and worn after the cold winter months.

By carrying out the correct spring lawn care program and maintenance tasks we can give out lawn the best possible start for the coming season ahead. Although no two lawns are the same, most will require some if not all of the following treatments and maintenance operations to get it back into tip top condition.

MossMoss control
For many lawn care enthusiasts moss gives us the most problems on the lawn. Controlling and removing the moss is for many the first step in the spring lawn care program. Moss favours the cold dark days synonymous with the winter, giving it the ideal opportunity to invade the lawn.

Scarifying mossLawn scarification
Scarification, dethatching or raking always follows moss control. This operation removes the dead moss and thatch and prepares the lawn for the following spring lawn care tasks, such as overseeding and top dressing. Learn about the different types of machinery and tools available for this essential lawn care task.

lawn aerationLawn aeration
Although aeration is not always carried out during the spring time, it can help relieve soil compaction and encourage a vigorous sward when you need it most. Regular lawn aeration has many benefits on the health and vigor of the lawn. Information and tips on the different types of lawn aeration.

Overseeding the lawnOverseeding
Overseeding is a task that is not always undertaken during the spring lawn care program. It is usually only required if the lawn has suffered badly with moss and has been left thin following moss removal. Advice on getting the best results from overseeding during the spring lawn care program.

Lawn top dressingTop Dressing
Top dressing can be beneficial in the spring lawn care program, especially if aeration and overseeding are going to be carried out. Information and advice about what materials are used for top dressing, which to use on your lawn and the additional benefits from lawn top dressing.

Fertiliser applicationFeeding
A spring and summer fertiliser application is very important during the spring lawn care program. It helps thicken up the grass and at the same time discourages many common lawn care problems. Information on the different nutrients and the role that each plays in maintaining the lawn quality.

Lawn weedsWeed control
It is during the spring time that many common lawn weeds begin to emerge. Late spring is often the ideal time to rid your lawn of these weeds as you want your lawn to look its best during the summer. Check out our weed identification chart for help on identifying and controlling lawn weeds.

Mowing the lawnMowing
Mowing is an often over looked task, however by applying a few simple rules to your mowing program, you can help improve the health of the lawn. Early spring time, prior to the mainentance program is a good time to get your mower checked out ready for the new season.